Design anthropologist, researcher, curious about the future.


Hi, I’m Nicole

I’m a design anthropologist, professional researcher, moderator, and sketch illustrator. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I relocated to Amsterdam in fall 2021 after several years working as a research consultant to pursue my MSc. At the start of 2023, I moved to London to do meaningful design research in the public sector at TPXimpact. I seek to partner with organizations who are looking to create sustainable outcomes and design inclusive futures. Always curious and eager to learn more about others, you might say – I’m a people person.


Creativity, curiosity and positivity, rolled into one.

For me, asking questions and spending quality time are the best ways to truly and deeply get to know someone. By watching how we curate certain objects in our home, or reflecting on why we value certain rituals and routines in our lives – I end up coming back to one thing: what makes us human?

Anthropology – the study of human culture through time and space – has always been a critical foundation to answering that question. Over time, I’ve become more fascinated by the role of design, technology, and most recently futures thinking.

For nearly 5 years, I worked as a research consultant conducting custom-tailored research projects for clients ranging from global tech brands (including Amazon, Google, and Nintendo) to tech start-ups, provincial bodies of government, and local NGOs. I’ve specialized in qualitative methods and conducted research in-person and remotely alongside folks in Canada, China, Denmark, India, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the USA.

In July 2022, I graduated with my MSc in Cultural and Social Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam. My research connected issues related to forced migration, economic integration, the creative economy, and “future-making” into a single frame. Asking: what can we learn about crafting desirable futures from those navigating deep uncertainty?

Eager to investigate and learn how to democratize more sustainable, inclusive, and desirable futures, I’ve now taken my next professional step in London, UK. As of January 2023, I joined TPXimpact, a digital transformation consultancy, and am following where my curiosity leads me everyday.

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Nicole has a form of leading by example that I’m sure others will be drawn in!

– Former colleague at Lux Insights

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